For many years, while living in Colorado, Kathryn Holt taught and worked primarily in clay, particularly in large tiles, murals and site specific works.  In 1988, she began to paint and used other media, on paper and canvas. While her work in clay was influenced by the colors of the western landscape, it also addressed body language and personal interaction, tempered with a sense of humor.  

In addition, she has developed a body of work that is created digitally.  These images incorporate layers of abstract texture, vivid color and a sense of playfulness.

Since moving to Baltimore in 2012, she has been working on paper and canvas using mixed media.  This body of work addresses selective seeing, especially in a more urban environment, whether here in Baltimore or in the many other places she has lived and worked.  The images capture glimpses of a variety of of natural and man-made objects.   They are composed into a single work that balances harmony and incongruity.  The images are drawn and painted on watercolor paper and are generally small in scale.

During her long career, her work has been exhibited all over the US and around the world, and can be found in many public and private collections.  A full resume is available upon request.


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